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Career Help Keeps You Energized & FocusedIAM Career SMART! Online Development is a self-directed, cost-effective program that you can use right now to:

  • Stop spinning your wheels and be strategic about your career choices
  • Learn powerful fundamentals without creating overwhelm
  • Discover an authentic way to know who you are and what you want

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to career development planning.

The typical process is: go to school, get a good education, get a good job, work until retirement, and then you can relax and have fun.

The problem with that strategy is that it doesn’t fit our world today, and probably won’t fit in the future. You’re going to have to get really, really good at navigating your career.

Most managers don’t have the time to give you career help. She/he may not even know how to help you.

Economies and technologies are unpredictable. Organizations are unpredictable. Everything is changing – faster than ever.

The good news is that you can be more confident than ever before of who’s in charge of your career. That would be YOU!

Career Help That Ignites Your SparkCareer Help to Recognize Your Spark

The career help you’ll receive through IAM Career SMART!™ Online Development will show you how to recognize your “spark.” That place where you’re excelling consistently, appreciated & rewarded for the value you bring, and getting a life that brings you joy and purpose.

You’ll never, ever have to lose sight of your spark when you know what it looks like.

 Career Help to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

What dreams do you have for your career? We asked our coaching clients about their hopes and dreams for their careers. Here are a few responses:

  • Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With Career HelpCamaraderie where everyone is working together focused on winning, instead of people being out for themselves
  • Genuine appreciation for my efforts
  • To be trusted and respected as a peer
  • To be on the leading edge; always challenged, never bored
  • Paid to do what I love
  • Contribute something worthwhile that makes people’s lives better

Are you willing to consider the possibility that your dreams can come true? That getting a life like this doesn’t just happen to other people. It could actually happen to you?

It is absolutely possible that you can turn your dreams into reality.

We recently surveyed our clients about how they knew they were ready for a change, and here are some of their comments:

I knew I was ready for a change when things that were once exciting and challenging became boring and meaningless. I felt I had reached the ceiling at my workplace and was desperate to look for new opportunities. I my mind “things had to be different.”

I was working with an executive coach and found that in order for me to be the person I am and reach my next level of potential, I had to change career path, not just get a new job but also another industry

I started to lose my passion for what I do.

Feeling: frustrated, not making a difference, not feeling valued.

I got to a moment that was kind of like an Alice and Wonderland “through the looking glass” moment where I realized the organizational culture I was part of was very skewed and no longer fit my values. Not changing no longer felt like an option.

I felt so burnt out on my day job (being an Occupational Therapist in the Public School System), while at the same time finding such radiance in my passion: making (art) quilts, which I am happy to report, is true to this date.

I sometimes felt complacent, not in a learning situation. I knew I needed to always be learning and seeking.

I had reached a point of tension and frustration in my career and knew that I was capable of so much more.

I felt trapped or up against a wall, like if I didn’t make a change soon, I wouldn’t be able to do anything. But I also felt paralyzed, not knowing how to make things better. I felt very stressed and had to take a break from everything just to think clearly.

I felt like I was ready because I did not feel like I had fulfillment from my career. I also had so many different ideas about what to do that I did not know what to do with them all. I also needed direction on where it would be best to spend my energy.

I felt very frustrated with everyone around me at work – I was very critical of others and let their “shortcomings” get in the way of my own goals and objectives. I finally realized that I was the common denominator – not my colleagues.

I’m in that “empty nester” phase of life where EVERYTHING is changing…personally and professionally.

Discontent, lack of challenges, regression in responsibilities, disregard of emotional well being in time of work force reduction. I felt like the culture of growth, enrichment and openness to effectiveness/efficiency change changed drastically to one of fear, lack of support and a disinterest in individual’s health and well being.

Felt frustrated and lacking direction

I was unsettled and yearning for clarity about my real values, purpose and overall direction.

I felt like an outsider on the team I was working on. And for me it is important to really enjoy the job that you are in. I was tired of being under appreciated. I felt that I was being taken for granted and in a position that didn’t match my qualifications. In my head, I knew that I was able to do more and be more of an asset to our team.

My business had expanded to where I knew that I was at capacity for a one person “boutique” business……and I wanted to sort out IF I wanted to expand, how to expand, how to incorporate a second person, etc.

Stress elevated, less productive and effective, wanted to change my behavior to be more in line with my core values.

I was so unhappy with the current situation, I felt trapped like I had no options. I felt like time was slipping by and I was standing still, like I was running out of time to get where I wanted to go. I was worried that I would get laid off and be unprepared for the next step.

I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I knew if I didn’t do something about it and get some help, my health and general disposition would continue to decline.

I’d had an experience that opened my eyes and made me take a long hard look at my life. I knew if it was going to change, I had to change. I looked at how I approached life, how I used my own creative gifts and what I wanted my life to FEEL like.

When I wake up every morning and hate going in, then I know something has to change. There are always seasons of job dissatisfaction but they shouldn’t last too long. When I evaluated my values and goals with the company and realized we were now in two different books then I realized I had to do something about it.

Career Help that Prepares You for the Future

Our approach to career development planning is foundational. It’s the work needed before the job search, the resume, making a career change, choosing a college major, starting a business, or your annual performance review.

We designed IAM Career SMART!™ Online Development using a holistic process where you learn simple, easy steps to guide your career choices. You’ll get career help that’s strategic, practical, creative, and action oriented.

You can use our approach throughout your career to guide all of your career decisions so that you get exactly what you want AND create extraordinary value for others.

What You Can Expect from IAM Career SMART!™ Online Development

The career help you’ll receive will make you a whole lot smarter about your career. You will learn:

  • How your choices and focus are critical to being your best, and are fundamental for a successful career path
  • How leading your career starts with developing awareness of the real you – your essential best
  • How to develop clarity, confidence and courage by knowing & living  your values, strengths and passions
  • How to tap into the energy of your essential best so you take inspired action (not fearful action)
  • How to make career choices that are right for you, based on the work and life you want to create
  • How to explore career path options and determine which paths and destinations are right for you
  • How to pull everything you’ve learned together into a Personal Strategic Career Plan
  • How to be both strategic and tactical in your career choices
  • How to develop sustainable career strategies

Learn from career coaches who have depth and breadth of experience and know how to help you create enduring success.

  • IAM Karen Tax Soul-AlignedOur backgrounds are in the fields of  career counseling, human resources, organizational development, leadership development, technology, and business development … meaning our experience and knowledge is diverse and expansive.
  • We incorporate the latest thinking on what works and doesn’t work from career development planning researchers and experts, so we consistently enhance what we know by learning from the best of the best.
  • Our clients are the best resources imaginable. They tell us what’s working, what’s not working, so we continue to hone and enhance our work.

Be on the leading edge of fun and easy learning using online development … get holistic career help that honors you.

  • Learn about career development planning at your convenience and at your own pace
  • Anchor and strengthen your learning by returning the material routinely, and get even more clarity
  • Easy online access to tools, articles, resources to deepen your knowledge and increase your skills
  • Different learning styles are represented in our learning modules, so you can learn the way you learn best

Here are some comments from our clients about the results they have achieved:

I have much more control over my time and life at home is much more organized. My clients provide me with much visability and if I ever did seek employment with a company, I would have plenty of contacts to network with.

I am very motivated to face the challenges that lie ahead for me, I am more curious for expanding my perceptions, and I am open to continuously testing and exposing myself in new situations.

I got a kick ass new job.

Stronger self confidence to live in mission. I refer to you and your work often.

I have become more self confident. I have defined my best path forward, have corrected my course, and am now making the vision I had for my future a reality.

New energy, clear thinking, ability to move forward

I am more positive and have learned to make peace with where I am and know that I want to choose words, thoughts and actions that make me feel Go(o)d, and be happy. I am totally responsible for myself and no one else. I also know that I have a Higher Self, with whom I can align, and then all things are possible.

Continued connections to great people, steady personal and professional growth and constant learning.

Very successful and meaningful. I am motivated to be my best and see the goal through. I have more determination and a “can do” mentality than I ever have.

The impact on my work was almost immediate. I was able to set boundaries, get some breathing room and take an active role in determining what my job would be. From there, I was able to really evaluate what I wanted out of life and work and set longer term goals based on that. I worked toward those goals and am starting to reach them. I feel much more content and balanced now, as if I am at the rudder of my own life.

My work and life have been more fulfilling because I understand myself better which leads to getting what I want. This entails better communication and also seeing situations for what they are. I no longer make assumptions, I test what I have observed/heard and go from there. I also have a much clearer understanding of who I am which helps me be more intentional/productive.

I learned how to professionally give and receive feedback, focus on my own strengths and weaknesses instead of that of others, and how to capitalize on my strengths to the best of my ability.

Your ability to ask the right questions opened the doors for me to reflect and refocus on the things that are critical and establish goals both personally and professionally

I am learning to shift my focus, change my habits and identify the things in my life that prevent my ultimate happiness. I create my life and I am responsible for its outcome -taking that responsibility and manipulating it so that I get what makes me happy is necessary to achieve the life that I desire.

Gave me the clarity I was seeking and gave me confidence and comfort with myself. (However, I could use some more of Karen again!)

Since the time I began working with you, my position has grown tremendously. With my recent Job Audit I was bumped up 2 positions in the company which is not a common occurrence for our organization. I have a new boss that is a really great person to work with. I am clearer in who I am and what is important to me. Personally it has made me a better friend and communicator and when the drama hits, it is much easier to recognize it and work through it rather than get lost in it. And it really struck home with me the fact that everybody can get what they want!

Karen had me read two books which helped me the most……….Dan Pink’s Free Agent Nation and Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited. She also helped me to value my ability to speak and write with specific and clear language. I realize now that I have a great business and business model FOR ME, and just because it doesn’t look like what anyone else is doing, that doesn’t mean it is any less valid….it fact, it is more valid because it is authentic and fills a real need in the community. You see, I work with one starfish at a time and that is where I’m most effective. Folks find me….I don’t need marketing at all because the need is great and I’ve got those unique skills. I’ve learned to be thankful for that and not question the universe so much.

Perspective of abundance/ possibilities rather than a perspective of there’s not enough/ limitations.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I am more open to seeing my role in my environment and the results I am getting. Seeing my role makes me more powerful to take charge and change it. From our original engagement, my credibility has been restored in the organization I work for. I am once again seen as a valuable resource. I am doing more work that I enjoy and am trying to get the toolkit and guts to make a bigger change.

With the combination of inner guidance and coaching to follow it, I had the courage to move across the country and leave my income/studio/house behind. I had the courage to invite my life to unfold even when I couldn’t see further than the nose in front of my face!

I can honestly say I have grown tremendously as a professional. I handle people better; I look at different tools for team development; I care about why things are happening versus quick fixes or Band-Aids. I truly see the benefit of building cohesive, healthy teams and also what it takes to be one of those members.

*  Please note that we are very careful with client names given the confidential nature of our work.

IAM Career SMART!™  Online Development can work for you too. The career help you’ll receive not only benefits you, but everyone around you. When others see you succeeding in an inspiring way, they’ll be motivated to do the same. Everyone wins!

Program Overview

  • 11 Online Learning Modules. For 10 consecutive weeks you’ll receive an email each week with a link to your learning module. Each learning module contains career development planning guidance that is easy to follow and implement. Modules include written, graphic, and video content.
  • Personal Strategic Career Plan. Build a strategic career plan throughout the program step-by-step as you gain clarity. Use it throughout your career to help you stay on track with what you want … and don’t want.
  • Participant Guide. What you can expect from the program and some tips for success.
  • Notes Pages/Journals. Capture your private thoughts while experimenting, practicing, reflecting.
  • Learning Nuggets. Capture your “takeaways” after you’ve had time to experiment
  • Tools and Resources. Easy access to practical and useful tools, articles, and resources with up-to-date information added frequently & consistently

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