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About the IAM Learning Community

The IAM Learning Community exists to address a major epidemic in the global economy … careers and organizations that merely survive in mediocrity and fail to achieve their innate potential.  The results surround us daily – watch it on the evening news and feel it in your own career.

 Misaligned careers ultimately lead to lives off-track and a range of consequences that reach far beyond just unfilled careers … financial problems, family problems, marital problems, disease, addictions, depression or worse.

Dysfunctional organizations miss performance targets and worse. They lose opportunities for growth, innovation, expanded employment and the ability to serve a higher purpose in their local and world ecosystems.

The IAM Learning Community is a career
and workplace transformation forum.

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Rowing TeamWe transform personal careers and organizational workgroups into alignment with Soul Purpose through a unique method we call the IAM Way.

The IAM Way is an integrated system of tools, processes, coaching, consulting, online development and community that aligns people and work groups with the essential elements of their Soul Purpose – head, heart and body.

The result is careers aligned with Purpose and
organizations aligned for peak performance.


The IAM Learning Community is a secure environment in which IAM members can safely journey into personal transformation and find their own “I AM”.

Members learn, explore and stretch themselves through self-paced online development, by engaging in interactive learning, conversation within the IAM community in secure discussion forums, exchanging knowledge and collecting and sharing wisdom about their careers and organizational performance.

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Young Community – Ancient Wisdom

The IAM Learning Community is young in its formation, but its fundamentals are rooted in decades of front-line career experience and centuries of collective wisdom about the path and value of guided Transformation.  The products, services and philosophy of IAM were built and tested with real world experience – decades of successes, failures, corrective actions and lessons learned.  IAM methods are deeply rooted in developmental psychology, organization development, coaching best practices, adult learning theory and philosophy, as well as the wisdom traditions of native and world religions.

Career and workplace alignment with Soul Purpose is our mission.
Career and workplace Transformation using the IAM Way is our
proven path to success on that mission.


IAM Leadership

The IAM Learning Community is led by Karen Tax, supported by a community of leaders and collaborators skilled in the art and science of career and workplace alignment and Transformation.

Karen Tax

Karen Tax’s official title is President and CEO of Karen Tax & Associates, but we know that the “CEO” really stands for Chief Experience Officer. Karen is radically committed to ensuring that every client, customer and partner experience with IAM is exceptional and richly rewarding for both parties.

“My ultimate desire is for everyone who touches the IAM community to see and feel it as “their IAM” and to be intimately enriched by that experience, building confidence that they can earn a living doing what they love.”

Karen has a long history creating great career and corporate experiences.   She was a software engineer for twelve years where she formed the foundation of her systems approach to building IAM’s framework of products and services.  Sixteen years in human resources and professional career coaching enabled her to hone that system into the IAM Way – through training and experience.  IAM is Karen’s second entrepreneurial experience in addition to systems and career leadership roles at Nortel Networks, ICL, PRC, Calcomp and Hewlett Packard.

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IAM Coaches and Collaborators

The IAM community is hosted and led by our coaches and collaborators. They  have years of experience using the IAM Maps and concepts both personally and in their work with individual clients and work groups.

Lorraine Cohen

Lorraine CohenCreatively inspiring and innovative founder of Powerfull Living, Lorraine Cohen is an internationally recognized life strategist, spiritual guide, and healer. A powerful inspirational speaker, teacher, and charismatic broadcast personality, Lorraine uses her extraordinary spiritual and intuitive gifts to empower her clients to transform fear, release their burdens, and liberate their True Self.

For more than 25 years, Lorraine has assisted thousands of people worldwide to live a life that is ‘awake and authentic’ and to create a reality that is conscious, deliberate and meaningful through her signature programs, teleseminars, workshops, retreats, and private sessions.

In 2011 Lorraine became a Oneness Blessing Giver through Oneness University.org and has experienced dramatic transformation within herself and those whose life she touches. In her quest to know and feel God’s love, anchored in faith and trust, she guides others to do the same. Humanity’s awakening is her deepest prayer and commitment.

As a popular broadcaster, she hosts The Compelling Conversations for Powerfull Living Series on business, personal, and spiritual topics with powerfull teachers including: Marci Shimoff, James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch, Gay Hendricks, Joan Borysenko, and many others. Her warm and engaging presentation style makes her a sought after public speaker, media guest, and workshop leader engaging audiences worldwide

John Breckenridge

The sessions I create with people are loving and compassionate, highly focused and very playful. I believe that our journey of personal and collective transformation and growth is inherently joyful, and that our suffering is not inevitable.

My orientation is simultaneously practical and spiritual. I help people to empower themselves by helping them to remember the nature and “feel” of our true (human) power. That is the power to consciously and purposefully create our personal experience, both within ourselves and with others, exactly as we want it to be.

I work with a very limited number of clients in an intense process of powerful transformation. I am a completely committed, rock steady ally to individuals and groups who are ready to commit to a process of profound transformative engagement. I insist that those who want to work with me be fully and consistently willing to take constructive risks, to do whatever it takes in positive directions in order to create the changes they desire.

Lauren Jubelirer

Lauren JubelirerLauren Jubelirer is a magnetic, creative, visionary leader, teacher and healer.  She is a highly sought after acupuncturist, astrologer and intuitive coach.  She is an expert at reflecting people back to themselves and inspiring them to be healthy, creative, successful and happy.

Lauren has studied with many of the worlds leading teachers and healers and brings an eclectic approach to her work. In 2005 Lauren began developing curriculum and teaching with Cayelin Castell. Your Living Blueprint innovative coaching system is the result.   Lauren is delighted to offer this work to other professionals and entrepeneurs.

Diane Craver

Diane Craver is a coach, consultant and trainer with over 20 years of corporate experience. Her background includes leadership roles in talent management, business development & human resources.

Alongside Karen, Diane co-founded the IAM Learning Community and co-created the IAM Career SMART! Online Development Program. She is owner of Spring Forward Group, a leadership & development company.

Since 2007, Diane has successfully used the IAM Maps with thousands of clients, guiding them to clear the path of work and personal challenges and create a roadmap for success. Deeply committed to her clients’ success, Diane brings creativity, inspiration, resourcefulness, and humor to her highly collaborative process. Diane left the IAM Learning Community in the fall of 2011 and now has a job as Director of Recruitment for The Accuro group.  We appreciate the lasting impact that Diane had on the IAMLC and the IAM body of work!