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Are you ready for a career that fully engages your soul: head, heart and body? We’ve created an assessment for conscious leaders, job seekers, and spiritual entrepreneurs ready for success as defined by YOU.

You Will:

  • Discover the 5 key factors of career alignment
  • Identify ‘the right’ next steps
  • Get energized and focused
  • Move on from being stuck
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IAM is a career enhancement community. Our products and services transform careers into alignment with your soul the stuff that fuels your dreams. How?
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End the daily grind by honoring your soul journey.
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The essential process required to locate YOUR path.
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So that you will:

Focus on the next soul aligned steps in your career,
Get immediate relief from difficulties,
Learn self-correcting ways to stay soul aligned,
Experience a reduction in work stress,
Get support in making conscious choices.

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